With Mangesh Desai

IMAG2068Got a chance to listen to Mangesh Desai, a famous Marathi Actor of the Marathi Industry. Many hit dramas like Jau Bai Jorat etc. Also he has acted in many Marathi films for which he has won various awards. Khel Mandala which was released in 2012 was one such hit film which saw Mangesh Desai’s awesome acting. An absolutely simple person in real life Mangesh Desai spoke out his heart at an interview on Abhinay Katta, Thane. Sharing his experiences of Real and Reel life he continued to inspire the youth for their development in the field of acting. Really felt very nice to be with Mangesh Desai an awesome Marathi actor.. Wishing him all the success ahead and may many more film of his become super-duper hits…!!!!



Its RAINING Cats and Dogs….!!!!

This time Rain God has arrived early in Mumbai. Not only in Mumbai but almost everywhere. The Met department said the pre-monsoon showers have arrived. And the pre-monsoon showers were so heavy that the Met department changed its statement to say that the Monsoon has arrived early

It is quite funny when I hear people saying, “Are apna weather department jo bolta hai na, humesha uske ulta hi hota hai..!!!” Even I accept that, I have said it a number of times because we have observed that very often. The premonsoon showers were so heavy that they were called as the monsoon showers. In Mumbai, over the past 20 days Rain God has been continuously showering us with rain. Road blockages, Railway tracks flooded with water, low lying area submerged under water, some areas having water on roads upto knee height is visible all around us. We should also look into what good does the Rain do to us. It brings us relief from the scorching heat of the Sun. Over the past two years, the summer has been too hot. And in such a situation it is necessary for rains to arrive early and so has happened this year.

Rains bring happiness all around us. We see kids playing in the rain, dancing in the rain. Even adults are seen enjoying in the rain. Rains fulfill our basic need of water. If you say why is it pouring so much then you must not curse the rains when you have less water to use for your daily needs. The rains this year has been much severe in the month of June as compared previous years.

This year the rains in Uttarakhand have caused a lot of damage to life and property. The divine Kedarnath temple was half submerged under water and there was damage to the temple and the surrounding area. Our brave soldiers are active in rescuing people from Uttarakhand. Those who lost their lives there are being cremated with proper rights. By now around 14000 people have been evacuated and another 61000 remained cutoff. Around 5000 soldiers are helping evacuating people. This year Uttarakhand has received 15 inches of rainfall till now which is five times the average rainfall estimated by the government every year.

So as the rains continue to pour down we can say that yes IT IS RAINING CATS AND DOGS…!!! Enjoy a happy and safe monsoon. 🙂

Touching the sky…


It’s all raining here.A view from my window and you can see towers touching the sky. Even in the rain the workers are not stopping. Life goes on, it does not wait for anyone. The fast urbanization and development around me sometimes make me feel scared that one fine day there won’t be any greenary around me. Everywhere you will see concrete jungles. Instead of wild animals from the natural jungle, human being will become a wild animal in this concrete jungle.
It is good to develop but at the cost of nature??? People know that after some years the situation will become worse. Instead of protecting the nature we are damaging it. The real sense of touching the sky will be left just with the buildings growing taller and taller while the dreams of touching the sky with our ambitions will go down and down.

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With Viju Khote and Ritwik Dhanjani

921271_10152725246730526_713900131_oThadomal Shahani college of Engineering was a 1st time experience for our street play competition. TSEC considered as the top contenders of street play competition all over the country were a great competetor. Also it gave us a chance to meet Mr.Viju Khote who played a very famous role of KALIA in Sholay and also Ritwik Dhanjani who is famous for his roles in Pyar ki ek Kahani and Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV. We were thankful to TSEC for providing us this platform and also to get some words of wisdom from Mr.Viju Khote and Ritwik.

Rajeev Mehta a.k.a Praful Parekh from Khichdi

226572_10152588006320526_413034556_nSardar Patel college of Engineering has always been a great platform for artists to showcase their talents. Not only just because of the competition but also because of the Judges who are invited there to encourage the students more and more to participate in various competitions. SPACE’13 provided us an opportunity to showcase our talent of Street play and it gave us a chance to meet Mr.Rajeev Mehta a.k.a Praful Parekh from Khichdi, the famous comedy serial which was, is and will be a great hit always. It was a great feeling to meet Mr.Praful and to hear his words of wisdom and the encouragement he gave to the upcoming actors. We were double delighted when we were announced as the winner of the Street play competition of SPACE’13 by Rajeev sir.

With Marathi Actor BAAL KARVE

With Marathi Actor Baal Karve

Had met Marathi Actor Baal Karve when we had been to Sardar Patel college of Engineering for their Annual cultural festival Space 12. We had been there to participate in the event Street Play where we won the 1st Prize. Our street play was named “Ab to Aadat Ho Gayi Hai..!!”

After the competition we had an interactive session with Karve sir about his Real and Reel life experiences. He guided us as to how we should work towards more development in the field of acting as well in the field of REAL LIFE.

Wake up and CHASE your DREAMS..!!