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This will contain all the technical stuff of my life which i have worked upon or come across.

Representing IEEE-KJSIEIT on the dias of RENAISSANCE 2K14


The above images are of Me Representing IEEE-KJSIEIT on the big stage of RENAISSANCE 2K14. The first image is of the lighting of the lamp to mark the beginning of the Technical Festival RENAISSANCE 2K14. The second image is to speak a few words on behalf of IEEE-KJSIEIT about what RENAISSANCE 2K14 is? What efforts have students put up for the Fest?

Thanking all my team mates for  successful RENAISSANCE 2K14.

Its a Memory for LIFETIME..!!!



IMG-20130809-WA0002Renaissance is the Annual Technical Festival of K.J.Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology. Renaissance 2k14 has the theme as “SCI-FI” i.e. Science Fiction. Renaissance in KJSIEIT is brought up this year by four different student branches in the college. IEEE, CSI, IETE and IET. These are the four college student bodies who will be putting up Renaissance. I, being the Chairman of IEEE-KJSIEIT will focus on the work done by IEEE-KJSIEIT for Renaissance. IEEE-KJSIEIT will mainly focus on Robotics. It has been an important domain for IEEE during the last 3 Annual Tech Fests. This year IEEE-KJSIEIT and CSI-KJSIEIT has got Renaissance to the NATIONAL LEVEL by having a NATIONAL LEVEL PROJECT EXPO, where Engineers from all over India are welcomed to put up their Engineering work in Renaissance 2k14. Also this year Renaissance will go for Digital Publicity for the first time in the history of KJSIEIT. DSN (Digital Signage Network) will put up over 500 screens on Railway station across Mumbai (Western Railway and Central Railway), Screens in McDonalds, Barista, CCD etc. shows the promotional video of Renaissance 2k14 which is one of its kind. Biswajeet Karmakar, the Digital Marketing Manager of CSI-KJSIEIT was very much influential in striking a deal with DSN.

IEEE-KJSIEIT is being decorated with posters.  Pranal Kambli(Cheif Creative Officer),  Snehal Patel(Creative Head), Hardik Rawat(Creative Head) and their team are putting up lots of efforts to decorate KJSIEIT in a technical manner and to create an atmosphere for the KJSIEITiians to feel technicality of the KJSIEIT.

Core team Raj Gandhi(Vice-Chairman), Kirlesh Shah (Secretary), Niraj Raut (Treasurer) and Spoorty Arya (Public Relations Officer) and the entire IEEE-KJSIEIT Team is putting up efforts to make Renaissance 2k14 a grand success. To know more about Renaissance 2k14 visit

Renaissance 2K12

Renaissance is the Annual technical festival of K.J.Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Sion where i have been pursuing engineering in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication.

Renaissance 2k12 provided me a perfect platform to me to showcase my technical skills as well as managerial skills throughout the working days of the techfest. I was the Executive-Administration for the techfest.

It was an amazing experience working with Dattatray Londhe, Abhilasha Meshram, Pooja Jagtap, Arpit Patel, Rupali More, Ashay Padwal and many more names to be mentioned. It was a 2 day festival consisting of various technical and fun events. One of the most eye catching event of our fest was CONTRAPTION. It was the most attended event by students and Professors. Other event which was a hit was Robotics. Under robotics there were several events which consisted of Robo Race, Robo fifa and ROBO WAR. Thanks to our technical team headed by Pranjal Gupta and Anurag Pandey.

We also had events like Laser entrapment, laser tag, speaking ludo, know your smartphone, handwriting analysis etc. Working for the technical festival helped me to know more about use of technology in real life and its implementation. Also working for the festival made me aware about marketing, publicity, organising and managing. So the technical festival was not just sticking to Technical knowledge but it also helped me to gain some experience in the above fields.

Next year will be working for the technical festival again..This time it will be RENAISSANCE 2k13 and I am having a bigger responsibility this time. I have to make RENAISSANCE 2K13 a bigger hit than RENAISSANCE 2K12 with the help of my colleagues.

Thanking everyone who helped me in one or the other way to make Renaissance 2k12 a great success and hoping forward to get more and more assistance from everyone for RENAISSANCE 2K13.