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The day when CRICKET cried..!!!


I never fasted when Sachin was batting.
I never was superstitious about Sachin will score a century when, I sit in one place.
I never felt dejected when he got out quickly. It was a part and parcel of the game.
I never cried when he got out. Or was out of form.
But I surely was dejected when Sachin missed out on his century every time.
Because he is Man for long Innings. Indeed 24 years. A LONG INNINGS.
A man with greatness in all the fields of life.
Those 22 YARDS made him feel great.
Cant IMAGINE SACHIN without CRICKET ( Mind you read this line again as said by his wife Anjali )
His father,mother,coach,siblings and moreover Ajit Tendulkar. The unsung hero of this whole long journey.
I never felt something special about Sachin.
I am not the greatest fan of SRT. There are many more crazy fans of Sachin than me. Some of my friends are very much Sachin crazy. Omkar Shirke and Kanaka Hattiangadi as I know them.
Indeed, I am the smallest ever fan of Sachin in front of them.
But today, I don’t know why.
Tears came down rolling my eyes when I saw the master taking a last walk back to the pavilion…
The master cried too.. It were the tears of joy.. It were the tears of passion.  It were the tears of the long innings.. It were the tears of his fans.. It were the tears of EVERYONE who loves SACHIN.. It were the tears of CRICKET. Yes..!!!
Today it wasn’t Sachin who cried.. It was CRICKET who cried today.. Yes you read it right..CRICKET cried today…!!!
There are many more well wishers from all over the world.
But this is my small tribute to your contribution towards the RELIGION called CRICKET..!!!
TAKE A BOW MASTER FROM A SIMPLE COMMON MAN..!!!Rightly to say it today. Cricket is a religion and Sachin is the GOD. You could see it all over the Wankhede stadium. The people following the religion were on the stadium, sitting at home in front of the TV, bunking schools, colleges, taking sick leave in office just to watch the MASTER’s grand farewell.. But this isn’t the farewell to the Master. The journey has just begun. Wishing u good luck with your family life which u have been missing for so many years…Loads of respect…
You will never fade away from anyone’s HEART…!!!



Representing IEEE-KJSIEIT on the dias of RENAISSANCE 2K14


The above images are of Me Representing IEEE-KJSIEIT on the big stage of RENAISSANCE 2K14. The first image is of the lighting of the lamp to mark the beginning of the Technical Festival RENAISSANCE 2K14. The second image is to speak a few words on behalf of IEEE-KJSIEIT about what RENAISSANCE 2K14 is? What efforts have students put up for the Fest?

Thanking all my team mates for  successful RENAISSANCE 2K14.

Its a Memory for LIFETIME..!!!


IMG-20130809-WA0002Renaissance is the Annual Technical Festival of K.J.Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology. Renaissance 2k14 has the theme as “SCI-FI” i.e. Science Fiction. Renaissance in KJSIEIT is brought up this year by four different student branches in the college. IEEE, CSI, IETE and IET. These are the four college student bodies who will be putting up Renaissance. I, being the Chairman of IEEE-KJSIEIT will focus on the work done by IEEE-KJSIEIT for Renaissance. IEEE-KJSIEIT will mainly focus on Robotics. It has been an important domain for IEEE during the last 3 Annual Tech Fests. This year IEEE-KJSIEIT and CSI-KJSIEIT has got Renaissance to the NATIONAL LEVEL by having a NATIONAL LEVEL PROJECT EXPO, where Engineers from all over India are welcomed to put up their Engineering work in Renaissance 2k14. Also this year Renaissance will go for Digital Publicity for the first time in the history of KJSIEIT. DSN (Digital Signage Network) will put up over 500 screens on Railway station across Mumbai (Western Railway and Central Railway), Screens in McDonalds, Barista, CCD etc. shows the promotional video of Renaissance 2k14 which is one of its kind. Biswajeet Karmakar, the Digital Marketing Manager of CSI-KJSIEIT was very much influential in striking a deal with DSN.

IEEE-KJSIEIT is being decorated with posters.  Pranal Kambli(Cheif Creative Officer),  Snehal Patel(Creative Head), Hardik Rawat(Creative Head) and their team are putting up lots of efforts to decorate KJSIEIT in a technical manner and to create an atmosphere for the KJSIEITiians to feel technicality of the KJSIEIT.

Core team Raj Gandhi(Vice-Chairman), Kirlesh Shah (Secretary), Niraj Raut (Treasurer) and Spoorty Arya (Public Relations Officer) and the entire IEEE-KJSIEIT Team is putting up efforts to make Renaissance 2k14 a grand success. To know more about Renaissance 2k14 visit

In the role of Manmohan Singh

IMAG2217This was the first time i did a getup of any Political Leader.Thanks to Gajanan Shetye da, because he was the one who suggested me that I would look good as Manmohan Singh. So, I decided to give it a try and it was definitely worth it. Though me in the getup of Manmohan Singh was much thinner than actual one.

Just my look as Manmohan Singh was not because of me. Siddhesh Gaikwad and Pritesh Solapurkar were the two who made my look of Manmohan Singh possible. All the makeup credit goes to them. The make up was more of water color which used to get dried up on skin and the skin would start burning. But definitely I enjoyed the part that I could seriously look like Dr.Manmohan Singh though not 100% same.

First performance at ABHINAY KATTA….!!!!

1026054_473509446067420_211429104_oMy first performance at ABHINAY KATTA, Thane. “Saavdhan – Ek Yogkatha”… A very very very very big thank you to Kiran Nakti Sir for showing faith in me that i could do this role. Special thanks to Abhinay Katta team who has always supported me.

While working for my first Ekankika there was tremendous pressure as we two had to be in focus all the time for over 30 minutes. We had same amount of nervousness going through our mind. Me and my partner Shraddha Shedge were going to perform together for the first time. The practice all we did well paid off. Thanks to Vijay Mane and Vivek Navrat for guiding us all along. Kiran Sir always being the pillar of our performance, we could learn many new things from you sir. And surely will learn more and more things in the near future. 2nd play for the day was “Paus”. Where, I gave the live music for the play with my TABLA. 3rd play was “Do Subjects Pyar ke..!!!” written by Vijay Mane. An awesome script in Hindi. This was the first ever Hindi performance the stage of Abhinay Katta. Awesome support to Vijay by Kiran Sir in direction. Support actors Vaibhav Chavan, Pravin Pachpute, Vivek Navrat did a fantastic job. The play was supported by awesome Music by Kalpesh Parab..

Thank you all ABHINAY KATTA team for your faith and valuable support you gave me. Hoping to do more and more plays at ABHINAY KATTA… 3 cheers for ABHINAY KATTA.. Hip hip hurray,Hip hip hurray,Hip hip hurray..!!!

Hindi film industry looses its PRAN…!!!!


Born on 12th February 1920 his full name was Pran Krishan Sikand. Pran became a popular face of the Bollywood industry within no time. He acted in films right from 1940 to 2007. He has acted in over 350 films. For the first 7 years of his career that is from 1940-1947 he acted as a hero.And later from 1947-1990 he acted as villan. Pran has won Filmfare best supporting actor award in 1967,1969 and 1972. He also won the Filmfare lifetime achievement award in 1997. He was also awarded as the VILLAN OF THE MILLENIUM by Stardust. Government of India honoured him with Padma Bhushan award in 2001. In 2013 he was awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award which is the biggest award of Indian cinema. Salute to you Pran.

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Marathi actor Satish Tare passes away..!!

0Marathi comic actor Satish Tare passed away today morning due to liver failure. Tare who had acted in many Marathi and Hindi films also. Navra Majha Navsacha and Valu were some of his famous films in the recent past. Also he worked with Swapnil Joshi in the Marathi serial named Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta. Also known for his comedy on the stage of Fu Bai Fu.

Tare was born in 1965 in Pune. His father was also a well known actor. Tare was also familiar with musical instruments. He knew to play various musical instruments. He was also a great singer.

We will miss you Satish Tare.! You will be always remembered for your contribution to the Marathi Industry.

R.I.P. Satish Tare