The day when CRICKET cried..!!!


I never fasted when Sachin was batting.
I never was superstitious about Sachin will score a century when, I sit in one place.
I never felt dejected when he got out quickly. It was a part and parcel of the game.
I never cried when he got out. Or was out of form.
But I surely was dejected when Sachin missed out on his century every time.
Because he is Man for long Innings. Indeed 24 years. A LONG INNINGS.
A man with greatness in all the fields of life.
Those 22 YARDS made him feel great.
Cant IMAGINE SACHIN without CRICKET ( Mind you read this line again as said by his wife Anjali )
His father,mother,coach,siblings and moreover Ajit Tendulkar. The unsung hero of this whole long journey.
I never felt something special about Sachin.
I am not the greatest fan of SRT. There are many more crazy fans of Sachin than me. Some of my friends are very much Sachin crazy. Omkar Shirke and Kanaka Hattiangadi as I know them.
Indeed, I am the smallest ever fan of Sachin in front of them.
But today, I don’t know why.
Tears came down rolling my eyes when I saw the master taking a last walk back to the pavilion…
The master cried too.. It were the tears of joy.. It were the tears of passion.  It were the tears of the long innings.. It were the tears of his fans.. It were the tears of EVERYONE who loves SACHIN.. It were the tears of CRICKET. Yes..!!!
Today it wasn’t Sachin who cried.. It was CRICKET who cried today.. Yes you read it right..CRICKET cried today…!!!
There are many more well wishers from all over the world.
But this is my small tribute to your contribution towards the RELIGION called CRICKET..!!!
TAKE A BOW MASTER FROM A SIMPLE COMMON MAN..!!!Rightly to say it today. Cricket is a religion and Sachin is the GOD. You could see it all over the Wankhede stadium. The people following the religion were on the stadium, sitting at home in front of the TV, bunking schools, colleges, taking sick leave in office just to watch the MASTER’s grand farewell.. But this isn’t the farewell to the Master. The journey has just begun. Wishing u good luck with your family life which u have been missing for so many years…Loads of respect…
You will never fade away from anyone’s HEART…!!!



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