In the role of Manmohan Singh

IMAG2217This was the first time i did a getup of any Political Leader.Thanks to Gajanan Shetye da, because he was the one who suggested me that I would look good as Manmohan Singh. So, I decided to give it a try and it was definitely worth it. Though me in the getup of Manmohan Singh was much thinner than actual one.

Just my look as Manmohan Singh was not because of me. Siddhesh Gaikwad and Pritesh Solapurkar were the two who made my look of Manmohan Singh possible. All the makeup credit goes to them. The make up was more of water color which used to get dried up on skin and the skin would start burning. But definitely I enjoyed the part that I could seriously look like Dr.Manmohan Singh though not 100% same.


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