First performance at ABHINAY KATTA….!!!!

1026054_473509446067420_211429104_oMy first performance at ABHINAY KATTA, Thane. “Saavdhan – Ek Yogkatha”… A very very very very big thank you to Kiran Nakti Sir for showing faith in me that i could do this role. Special thanks to Abhinay Katta team who has always supported me.

While working for my first Ekankika there was tremendous pressure as we two had to be in focus all the time for over 30 minutes. We had same amount of nervousness going through our mind. Me and my partner Shraddha Shedge were going to perform together for the first time. The practice all we did well paid off. Thanks to Vijay Mane and Vivek Navrat for guiding us all along. Kiran Sir always being the pillar of our performance, we could learn many new things from you sir. And surely will learn more and more things in the near future. 2nd play for the day was “Paus”. Where, I gave the live music for the play with my TABLA. 3rd play was “Do Subjects Pyar ke..!!!” written by Vijay Mane. An awesome script in Hindi. This was the first ever Hindi performance the stage of Abhinay Katta. Awesome support to Vijay by Kiran Sir in direction. Support actors Vaibhav Chavan, Pravin Pachpute, Vivek Navrat did a fantastic job. The play was supported by awesome Music by Kalpesh Parab..

Thank you all ABHINAY KATTA team for your faith and valuable support you gave me. Hoping to do more and more plays at ABHINAY KATTA… 3 cheers for ABHINAY KATTA.. Hip hip hurray,Hip hip hurray,Hip hip hurray..!!!


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